Merengues with edible flowers

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They are so beautiful that I felt sad to eat them. But once you bite it, you can not stop. Here it is really very fast and delicious recipe, which will decorate any table. Of course, you can prepare meringues at home yourself, but it takes a lot of time, technique and a proven oven. I chose an easy option – ready meringues from the store. You just need to remember that this dessert is best served immediately, until the cream softens the meringue. Bon Appetit!


  • a bucket of ready-made small meringues (approx. 16 halves)
  • 50 ml cream (double cream)
  • edible flowers “pansies”
  • fresh raspberry berries

 What to do:

  1. Beat the cream (from a fridge with a mixer at medium speed. Be careful not to get butter.
  2. Grease half a merengue with whipped cream, put the raspberry (if the berry is too big, pre-cut it in half), grease with cream once again, so that the berries are not visible and cover the second half of the meringue. On top decorate with edible flowers.
  3. Attention: this dessert is best served immediately on the table (max 2-3 hours), as the meringues from the cream become soft.


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